photo courtesy of David Shield

Balancing Environmental, Economic and Social Concerns

Globally, I envision us evolving toward not only a balance, but an integration between human culture and the natural world. Some aspects of this process are going well: as we move toward using current sunlight for our energy rather than ancient fossil sunlight, the benefits are spreading into our economic and political structures. A more complex transition is toward use of all materials in a circular “cradle-to-cradle” way, where as in nature everything is re-used. The hard work we are doing in these areas provides a framework for planning, for example the ambitious Zero Waste Goals for Fairfax and Marin.

Locally, Marin is an important example of planning that preserves both stunning recreational spaces and family farming in close proximity to the vibrant urban corridor. I am well-suited to navigate the balance between the value of natural resources and human economic activity in part because of the deep connections my family has with Marin organic farming through our daughter’s long farming career.

Today however, we are all shocked at the rapid progression of climate change, the mega-fires it is causing, and all compounded by a pandemic and the resulting economic pain of so many.  Helping in whatever way I can to lead our town in addressing the root causes of these, while we navigate their effects and build resiliency.