Healthy Locally Grown Food


Caymin and the farm crew

The farmland preserved in Marin is an enormous asset to Marin’s being a real model of how we could live beautifully and sustainably. I bring deep connections with small scale, sustainable and innovative farming in Marin, through our daughter Caymin. For five years she grew beautiful vegetables on the Bolinas Mesa, irrigating exclusively from rainwater catchment, dry-farming several of her crops, and being as efficient as possible in every aspect of her farm’s footprint. As a result shoppers at Good Earth and elsewhere eat gorgeous locally grown fresh veggies, and many lucky people had opportunities for employment, education, and real connection with soil and life.

Caymin has moved her farming to Mendocino County, where she is building not only an even larger organic vegetable farm, but also a community with housing and livelihood for several people.  This is totally off-grid, and thanks to my and our son Cyril's work, is powered completely by solar.  Eight buildings are electrified, we have a walk-in cooler, solar hot water, and even an electric car charter all running on solar.  During the summer we've been cooking electrically as well (induction cooking rocks!).  Hundreds of people eat her produce throughout  the county and, when we're lucky, even as far as her favorite customer- Good Earth.

For two years Caymin also ran a pilot project to grow Quinoa in Mendocino on 85 acres, all dry-farmed, and harvested 22 tons of protein without any water input.