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"I endorse Bruce Ackerman for his deep knowledge and caring about Fairfax, from both his involvement in the development of our Town Plan and his commitment to the “greening” of our town. He is a forward thinker and cares to preserve our town character while reducing our Carbon footprint.”

-Phil Green, Planning Commissioner


Preservation & Improvement

We face deep changes, many of which will be positive as well as challenging. My core goal and my contribution as a Council Member would be to foster creative, respectful, and effective conversations as we find the opportunities to navigate this pivotal era.    See More


Provide Needed Housing

I am so happy to say that Victory Village now has a broad consensus of support and has changed the housing conversation in the county. Consensus was achieved through a combination of citizen organizing and governmental work to tailor the zoning and the approval conditions to address community concerns.     See More


Wildfire and Flooding Protection

Multiple options for dealing with these issues are available and being studied, but there needs to be more transparency from all parties despite the complexity of the technical details. With my scientific and engineering background, I seek to be a bridge between the technical details and citizens to establish solutions that work on many levels.    See More


Address County-wide Problems

 We now are in an era where the issue is how we learn to live within our urban boundaries. Use of fossil fuels must and will be a thing of the past; materials use and disposal must and will be re-thought into a circular economy. Exactly how this will play out is unknown, but the overall direction is unmistakable.     See More

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Build Local Resilience

There is much that can be done by residents and businesses to improve our climate footprint, save money and increase our safety, resilience and comfort.     See More


Healthy Locally Grown Food

The farmland preserved in Marin is an enormous asset to Marin’s being a real model of how we could live beautifully and sustainably. I bring deep connections with small scale, sustainable and innovative farming in Marin, through our daughter Caymin.    See More

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Balancing Environmental, Economic & Social Concerns

Locally, Marin is an important example of planning that preserves both stunning recreational spaces and family farming in close proximity to the vibrant urban corridor. I am well-suited to navigate the balance between the value of natural resources and human economic activity.  See More