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Preservation & Improvement

We need better communication and a continuation and improvement of Fairfax’s tradition of citizen involvement and regional leadership.”

I trust in the public process, and in our collective willingness to engage in the deep changes we need, a continuation of Fairfax’s tradition of citizen involvement and regional leadership.  Changes are inevitable, many of which will be positive as well as challenging. My core goal and my contribution as a Council Member has been and will be to foster creative, respectful, and effective conversations as we find the opportunities to navigate this pivotal era.

Historically, as I learned in the Environmental Forum Master Class (and subsequently on the EFM Board), Marin citizens have been successful in preserving the natural environment, open space, local water, and in the case of Fairfax a small town feel. Marin’s General Plan is a model for the nation, and Fairfax’s General Plan is an outstanding statement of our values.

Now, as we struggle through 2020, it feels like the challenge has become riding the huge waves of change rocking the world and coming through intact and strong. Climate change is often seen as the unifying issue, but social justice, the deepening inequity between the rich and powerful and the majority of people, racial and class divides – all are intertwined and none can be successfully addressed alone.

The Climate Action Committee is one of the most amazing and active committees in our town, and I am proud to have gotten it established and continue to be a Council representative and active participant. I am also honored and excited to be a Council representative on the newly formed Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee, which will begin meeting in October. All of us on Council were deeply moved by the quality and energy of the people who applied for this group, and I expect it to lead to surprising and ultimately very valuable insights for us as a community.

Indeed challenges are opportunities, and what better place than Fairfax to take all this on with creative joy!