My core goal as a Council Member is to foster creative, respectful, and effective conversations as we find local opportunities to navigate this pivotal era.

Advocating for Community and Positive Solutions since 2003

For almost two decades I’ve worked with town leaders, community members, commissioners, staff, and as Council Member and Vice-Mayor, to address our challenges, build a more stable future, and protect our small-town character. I believe that more engagement creates better outcomes, and I’ve enjoyed working with you to bring those about. But we have more to do and I’m asking for your support so that I can continue to serve the community on our Town Council.


                           -Bruce Ackerman

Bruce and his wife, Diane

Bruce's Priorities

  • Move beyond negativity and gridlock by encouraging open and respectful dialogue, listening and engagement.

  • Promote sustainable, fiscally-sound, long-term planning that helps protect our small town character.

  • Work to ensure that we are responsive, impactful and effective as a town leading by shining example in these challenging times.

Bruce Ackerman

Fairfax Town Council

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