All About Bruce

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Invited onto the Environmental Forum of Marin Board, and coordinated the Energy Days for the EFM classes for several years.

Increased MCE Deep Green enrollment, and secured a grant to cover the extra cost

Facilitated the change-over to LED streetlights, now in progress, doing the research and education

Chair of the Fairfax Climate Action Committee

Chaired the Fairfax General Plan Advisory Committee, completing the General Plan.

I was born in Arizona and grew up in Florida, West Virginia, Illinois, Ohio and New Mexico, then went to school at Baylor University and MIT in the Boston area, studying Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Electrical Engineering. I met my wife, Diane, in Flagstaff, Arizona where we fell in love through hiking the Grand Canyon and on long bicycle trips throughout the desert southwest. We have two grown children, Caymin and Cyril. Caymin is now an amazing organic farmer in Bolinas, and Cyril is working to become an electrician.

I have worked in numerous areas of R&D and medical, factory and laboratory instrumentation, and was co-founder of a product development company in Mountain View which kept me insanely busy for a decade. We also cared for my aged parents here in Fairfax until they passed and now we care for Diane’s mother.

Our family came to California in 1993 so Diane could study and work at Point Reyes Community Health Clinic, where she still provides health care to many Marin residents. As a primary care Physician Assistant, Diane worked with emergency medical personnel throughout the county. We have both completed CERT Training. Diane spends several weeks every year working for the Pachamama Alliance in the Ecuadorian Amazon training the Achuar people as birth attendants.

Locally, after taking the Environmental Forum of Marin (EFM) training I was invited onto their board, and coordinated the Energy Days for the EFM classes for several years. I am well-versed in the energy area, including solar, the grid, electric vehicles and household efficiency, and have brought our old house and others up to code while deeply improving both safety and efficiency.

I joined the Fairfax General Plan Advisory Committee in 2003, finding Fairfax to be a model democracy in inviting ordinary citizens into the center of this process. I became Secretary and then Chair. During my 10-year tenure we completed the quite substantial General Plan, working with the Planning Commission, Town Council, staff and consultants. Fire Chief Meagor advised us on the General Plan Safety Element, which was quite eye-opening to me regarding the risks faced in this usually-pleasant area. In the past decades I’ve worked closely with five Planning Directors and chaired the General Plan Implementation Committee. I did much of the work to craft the Fairfax Climate Action Plan and formed the Climate Action Committee (CAC) which I chaired.

Through the CAC, I worked a good deal with Marin Clean Energy focusing the town on the change-over to LED streetlights, which is now in progress. I am passionate about finding ways to get residents to do home upgrades to improve efficiency and safety; on the CAC we worked with Mark Lockabee to propose a way to get old, dangerous electrical panels upgraded when homes are remodeled.